Subsidiary of Jigsaw Learning

As the parent company of Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions, Jigsaw Learning strives to ensure the development of effective structures and supports that meet and honour the needs of each school in its unique context.

As an educational organization with extensive levels of expertise and experience in schools and systems, Jigsaw Learning provides support for districts wanting to initiate, implement or bring to completion projects, areas of support and learning series.

Jigsaw Learning was founded by Kurtis and Lorna Hewson, two educators committed to leading learners, supporting schools and enriching education. Over the last decade Kurtis and Lorna have had the privilege of working with schools and districts to build and share collaborative practices to ensure success for all students.


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Jigsaw Learning works with hundreds of educational organizations throughout Alberta and beyond establishing and sustaining Collaborative Response, a system-wide framework that values collaborative, action-focused responses, data-informed discussions, and timely intervention to ensure all students can experience success.

Collaborative Response is foundational to the development and design of the WeCollab system.

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