The WeCollab system supports the collaborative and student-centric philosophies central to  Collaborative Response.  The pricing structure for WeCollab is designed to ensure affordability for schools, as well as increasing value, with new features and functions continually added, based on user feedback.

Pricing Structure

  1. School and district access is renewed annually on October 1.  Half-year rates (50% off) can be accessed for schools subscribing after February 1. 
  2. Archived student records are not included as part of the overall student record count (no charge for archived records). 
  3. All student records are assigned in multiples of 50.

WeCollab System
Student Support Plan Module

Level 1 Less than 1000 students

$5.00 / student $2.00 / student
Level 2 1000 - 5000 students $4.75 / student

$1.90 / student

Level 3 More than 5000 students $4.50 / student $1.80 / student


Student Support Plan Module

With the Student Support Plan module, schools and districts are provided an intuitive approach that aligns with user familiarity of the WeCollab system and ensures ongoing communication about support document goals for students, as well as the actions and supports to achieve those goals. The Support Plan Module is priced based on overall student populations established for the main WeCollab system.

Establishing Staff and Student Rosters

SIS Automatic Syncing – through our unique Application Programming Interface (API), a daily synchronization can be established with the district Student Information System for required student and staff information.  This option is only available for district subscriptions and involves a one-time, standard synchronization cost of $1000.00, regardless of the size of the organization.  

Manual Upload of Staff and Students – our WeCollab team will assist in uploading staff and student rosters, through the use of csv files.  All further additions, deletions and edits of staff and students are accomplished manually, as well as export/import of students and annual student rollovers.

Further Pricing Information

There are no additional charges for onboarding schools or districts new to the WeCollab system. Annual subscription to WeCollab comes with ongoing online support and training (through Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, etc.), as well as regular email updates and access to the User Support Network


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